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Pacesetter Diaries: Pooja Melwyn Dsouza

      Pooja Melwyn Dsouza, Vice President of Sales and Operations Spectrum Networks Solutions Pvt Ltd, is a dynamic personality who has carved a path for her in the IT sales sector. Pooja has been with Spectrum Networks Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for 8 years now. She began...

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Pacesetter Diaries: Priyanka Dsouza

When it comes to succeeding, there is no particular road map, all you need to do is follow your dreams and have faith in your decisions. This is exactly what Priyanka Dsouza, self employed professional and IT consultant, did right from the initial stages of her...

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Pacesetter Diaries: Khadija Jarwalla

      Founded by her passion for jewellery making, HiFi Styles is Khadija's dream project. With the art and design techniques she exhibits in creating one of a kind accessories, it will be perfectly apt to call her a jewellery visionary. Khadija seems to have been...

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Pacesetter Diaries: Zoya

Zoya, a music business graduate from Berklee College of Music has toured across US and India. She has managed to carve a niche for herself in the indie folk music scenario. She states that her stint with music began right from the time her father got her a guitar when...

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Pacesetter Diaries: Naqqiya Jarwalla

      Naqqiya Jarwalla, Founder of Secrets of Aura, began her mystic journey when she realized that she had the power to see the auras surrounding people. It was when she realised the impact her predictions had on the people around her, Naqqiya decided to begin her...

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Pacesetter Diaries: Sangita Kheora Thakur

As the National Head for Events & Sr. General Manager for Business Standard - Western Region, Sangita Kheora Thakur started young on her dreams. After completing her basic education in Shimla, she was considering undertaking a career in law. But her affinity towards...

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